AsgratariS in Hyderabad (India)


AsgratariS in Hyderabad (India)

Right now we are in an orphanage in Hyderabad (India), the funding that receives this orphanage is just by donations, something that collides with our philosophy, that means:

“To educate” is to show that something is possible, and “educate yourself” is to let oneself become possible.

With that, we want, first of all, incite the children to think about the context in which they live and make them aware about their situation. For this we use hobby modeling as an educational tool, so we are preparing a box, approximately 30kg and dimensions 70x40x40cm to send it to the orphanage, we are counting on the collaboration of friends, companies, associations and clubs to defray shipping costs.

(the little donation are of 1€)

“Asgrataris, Modelismo solidario-Association: “Intervention project in prisons (Jail Albolote, Granada)”.

Those who don’t know us: We are an association whose current project is to break the social stigma which supports those who go to jail and go back to the society. According to the GPL ( General Prisons Act): the inmate goes into the prison to start his reintegration treatment. For this reason, we consider ourselves opportune to humanize the treatment, moreover, we stand up to use the word intervention instead of treatment. The reason behind choosing this is to put down roots into the underlying idea which involves the word treatment (ill person to be treated).
The word “Treatment”, among its different meanings also means “take part in a matter” and it takes as synonyms: participation and mediation.

This point settles down our intervention: we want to give an important role to the inmates to do something “ for the outside world ”, that is, the pieces made by them are later sold outside, but this sale is used to finance school supplies, medicines and other products to cover basic needs such as food or education of saharan children.
For this reason we are twinned with the development cooperation project “Vacaciones en paz”. This project is focused on children from Sahara and it belongs to the aims of the schedule for the Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

For all this we start a campaign to collect materials, tools, money and dissemination of our project. To encourage the work we will focus on the part concerning the funding. The amount collected from the sales will be distributed as followed :

• 30% to the social educator who will be working with the inmates
• 20% to finance the workshop with the inmates
• 50% to buy the basic needs for saharan children

That said, you can have a doubt like “what happens if we collect more money than necessary for the workshop? The answer is: “The surplus will be entirely destinated to the help of saharan children”.
The accaunt will be visible on our website: . The next question is “What happens if the sell of the pieces is too big? The social educator can’t well out of this? The answer is no, Asgrataris statuses are also available on the website, according to their regulations ,everyone who will be working for the association (including president, secretary and treasurer) will not earn more than the minimum spanish salary.
For the funding campaign, we used various ways to give an economical contribution to motivate this assistance, the funding campaign is divided into:

• Less than 20€ donation: your name will appear in the video posted from the association to show the gratitude
• From 20 to 30€ donation: your name will appear in the video posted from the association to show the gratitude, plus a piece in resin.
• From 30 to 40€ donation: your name will appear in the video posted from the association to show the gratitude, plus a piece in resin which we will paint with details
You can find the account or the address to send materials, tools or paint, here:

Ruben Molina Lopez
C/plaza aliatar num:3
Albaycin (Granada)

Thank you so much in advance to everyone!
Pdete. Rubén Molina López
Asgrataris, modelismo solidario