On the occasion of the instagram live painting which we have been carrying out throughout the lock down and in order to be able to continue helping disadvantaged groups (our philosophy of “solidarity modeling”), we have decided to organize an online painting contest where we cheer up beginners and people who have been in the world for a short time, to participate, to fight  their fears, to dare to take part in this initiative … by knowing that thanks to them we can buy necessary food for the charity canteens and the population affected by Covid-19.


  • Make a donation, of the amount that the contestant considers suitable to the following link:
  • Make a post with the photo of your work ( more photos you post, better is to evaluate it), we recommend you a photo collage
  • Name us in your post and indicate the category in which you prefer  participate so that the jury can access to our profile and have all the works collected to evaluate them easier.
  • Follow us on our instagram profile to be update about all the contest news.

Many companies, both large and small, have shown solidarity with this project and all together we have put all the love we have for modeling and people into creating this initiative: helping with what we can, getting involved with companies and single people donations, sharing their products with you …

It is the moment to say that “modeling also helps”, we can do it without losing motivation or smiling. So sharpen your brushes, take out the paintings … and JOIN US !!


Works will be valued with 2 criteria:

  • jury: the jury has 90% of the verdict, it will score from 1 to 9 the works that it considers to be of the highest level according to its composition, technique and finishing of the miniature.
  • voting: likes, comments, participation in your post will be 10% of the evaluation

The member of the jury in our contest will be ones of the best levels on the national scene and internationally recognized, we will have the pleasure to have the presence of:

  • May (@mayartstudio)
  • Sergio (@sergiominotaurostudio)
  • Jose (@josedavinci)
  • Alberto (@am_recio)


  • Fantasy
  • Futuristic
  • Infinity
  • Bloodbowl
  • Scenography
  • Historical
  • Bust
  • Master

The jury reserves the right to relocate the work in case it doesn’t belong to the category presented. There will be a prize the mention of the jury for some categories. The prizes WILL INCREASE as the days go by, as more prizes from different companies have yet to come. There will be a special prize for the most supportive participating, the one who shares the most, the largest donation and / or who mentions us on the networks. Making possible  that solidarity modeling continues to grow.


– 1st. Green Stuff World Roll Maker XL, two GSW textured rollers, 3 turf boxes
asgrataris, 3 boxes of grass asgrataris
– 2nd. Roll Maker S, 1 GSW texture roll, 2 boxes of Asgrataris turf, 2 boxes of Asgrataris grass
– 3rd. GSW textured roller, 1 Asgrataris turf box, 1 Asgrataris modellism grass box

– 1st collection 8 figures of Yedharo models, Kolobat figure of Crudominiatures, Blister
“Freebooters fate” courtesy of Warlotus and Bust Floki from Asgrataris
-2nd collection 5 figures Yedharo models, Bobak Figure of Crudo miniatures
-3rd. 3 figures Yedharo models

– 1st. Hungry Troll bloodbowl full set
-2nd. 4 Yedharo Models figures

– 1st. Beyond box: operation Kaldstrom, intersection module, stickers and sheet
-2nd. Securitate figure, intersection module, stickers and sheet
– 3rd. Aristeia Prism figure, a miniature panoceania, sticker and badge

– 1st. Polish vistula legion box, Napoleonic hanoverian infantry box, Waterloo box
british line infantry, templar figure Asgrataris, figure Geisha on loan from warlotus
-2nd. Polish vistula legion box, Napoleonic hanoverian infantry box
– 3rd. Waterloo british line infantry box

– 1st. Dwarf Asgrataris, Severus Snape Asgrataris, couple “married with children” from
crudo miniatures
– 2nd. Raw geometric couple miniatures, Porco Roso Asgrataris
– 3rd. Crude geometric couple miniatures

– 1st. Antares Full Set Loaned by Diacash, 2 Space Marine Blister from
Games workshop, blister Lady hilda
– 2nd. Antares Full Set Loaned by Diacash, 1 Space Marine Blister, 1 Blister
– 3rd. Cibot SGT bust of Asgrataris


1º . Bust Minotauro from“White werewolf” + bust from “Pedro fernandez Works”
2º . Bust Insomnia + bust White Wolf
3º. Bust White Wolf