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Hi guys, a vary friendly greetings from AsgratariS.

Ours is an era of fast changes, in which new concepts and the fusion of others deserve a necessary ethical, deontological, political and institutional reflection. Terminology, methodology and structure review that make up our sociopolitical and institutional system gives space to the cultural evolution of society (understood as the ensamble of individuals educated for the integration and non-exclusion, the understanding and for the easy access to Informations, respect for ethnic, cultural, religious, ideological, gender, etc.)

One of the son, and one of the consequences of this evolution, is the awakening of a collective consciousness. Inside all this born an association of professionals in education, intercultural communication and ICT. Together with them, started the first project  focused on penitentiary centers, in the town of Albolote (Granada).

This group understands that inside the social education is the fact that “To educate” is to make see that something is possible, and “educate yourself” is to become oneself possible.

with this we do not understand one action without the support of another one; That is, we can not act with people using a tool that in a short period may become obsolete. We should know different techniques which stimulate personal motivation. Said by other words within the context of this work: “you cannot teach art without the stimulation of other senses, that is why we use music as a tool to rouse the imagination” (We will develop this concept later).

Focusing on prisoners and on our project, paying attention to the analysis of the expressed needs and normative of this group, it becomes evident the social estigma that assumed to be or to have been admitted to a prison institution. We are aware that, although our are education principles for and about freedom, we are in a range of action with people who are deprived of it, which may seems something contradictory. But is certain that outside the prison, the person who has been in it, he is considered dangerous, harmful to society, impossible to reeducate. That is why we focus our efforts on people who within a determined time will return To society with the same illusions and  insecurities as any other. We will work out, in our sessions in a philosophical way, the concept of “freedom” and the relative definition that it has. Therefore, we want to give to the users of our workshop and project a “determining power as humanitarian aid”. That is, the fruit of their work, will finance other projects of a humanitarian nature, breaking the prejudice that people have toward them. Their works will be spread through social networks, with articles, talks, expositions and other means of diffusion. The intention is that we will not only make the inmates think about the problem, but also the society that is not well informed about this situation. As we would say in a colloquial language: “We killed two birds with one stone.”


To answer this question we refer to our personal experiences. In my case, I have always liked hobby modeling as pastime, but social education is my vocation.

I am aware of what art entails. I like art and I have always participated in all the artistic projects that I have been able to do. It has been shown that art is a tool not only for evasion or therapy, but also it is useful  to internalize, seek your own answers, reflect and express yourself. Art is one of the maximum expressions of the individual: “reflect a feeling, criticize a fact or simply express yourself in a piece”.

So one day, together with my association colleagues, I asked myself, “Can I show this to the group I want to work with?” The answer is yes:

– You can teach values with art

– You can exploit art with motivation

– You can distinguish the things you have done right or wrong -through artistic reflection.

– You can be a better citizen

We want our action to be, above all, social-critical. The agents involved in our project are people. People are what we want to help us to improve. We want such feedback that helps us to replicate our project in other prisons and that with our evaluation we can make a curricular adaptation that allows to introduce it in other types of institutions such as children’s centers, disabled, etc.

As a modeling and painting studio we also give individual service such as painting, statues, model, diorama, boards, etc…

You can send us your project to our mail, we will study and we will give you the price of the work, without any compromised. For your information, we personally attend in Granada, Barcelona, and our team of professionals will study your request from a war-games army, role plays, busts, Dioramas to personalized boards, scenery, for your favorite hobbies etc.

We send our works all around the world. Till now we operated in Europe and Latin America through postal service and courier service.

Our way of working is to be well-connected with our friends and clients, using means such as WhatsApp, e-mail or social networks, just to facilitate communication and to have an optimal result.

Always considering the client needs and adapting to his budget.

Contact us: or directly get in touch by the social networks in facebook group Asgrataris, or the website “Asgrataris Modelismo Solidario” sending us a message !!! We will answer you as soon as possible.

Rubén 00 34 668565191

You no longer have an excuse to not have your army or your minis painted in a professional quality and at the best price. And collaborate with us in our projects of social assistance to those most in need and participate in development cooperation. For that we created the Association “Asgrataris Modelismo solidario” with its activity both locally and internationally,.

You can give your donation to projects of humanitarian aid and be a part of AsgratariS economically or giving materials.


There are two donation options.


By bank transfer in the entity “Triodos Bank”

ES83 1491 0001 2021 8706 5129

Do not forget to put in the “concept” the name of the donor, the word “intervention” and the amount (ex. “Ruben intervention, 15 €”):

And for those who want to contribute material or tools, I leave the shipping address:

Rubén Molina López

“Asgrataris modelismo solidario” (the association)

Many thanks in advance to all !!!

AsgratariS team.