How can I be an active ASgrataris member?

The steps to follow to be a member are very simple:

  1. The quota it’s just 10€ por year and you can Pay just pushing the paypal button.
  2. After this you just have to send en e-Mail to confirming that you are a member and sending your ID number WITHOUT LETTERS ( that will be your member number) and wait for your member card.
  3. In case you dont have a paypal account you can do a transfer to our triodos bank account with the same condition (specify in the concept your entire name and your ID number without letters). ES83 1491 0001 2021 8706 5129


Benefits to be member of “Asgrataris modelismo solidario”?

  1. With your contribution you are helping groups with different problems
  2. you’re cooperating with supportive projects moreover you’re helping the cooperation between associations and institutions
  3. with your quota you have 10% discount on all our products and in charge services (scenography, paintings)
  4. have the right to vote in the assembly and minutes of the association.
  5. Further you have automatic participation to all raffles and competitions.