Episode 1×01 “AsgratariS” in India

First of all, we would like to thank all the people who have made this possible for their collaboration in the project. We want to thank those who have contributed with money to defray the shifting costs, and those who have donated materials. Of course, this video doesn’t show all the opinions of those who are part of Asgrataris. I’m not the best editor in the world as you can see in the video, not even the best sound technician, but in this way you can see what we are doing in this little part of the world. This is the first of many videos that we hope you will enjoy it!

Episode 1×02 “theory of colour”

We have finally finished the second chapter about the first season of AsgratariS series, where we would like that the spectator observes how hobby modeling is used as an educational tool. There is no waste: we begin by showing children that they don’t have a space to express their “real” opinions. We put the word between quotation marks because their answers will always be the learned one, that is, what someone told them to say. In this case we use as a pretext the color theory (artistic) to talk about the skin color (racism, xenophobia …). And last, but not least, we count on the soundtrack of a very promising group from our land … Manu Hudson


Asgrataris is an association which work to realize social projects based on the respect for the environment, using hobby modeling as an educational tool and it dedicates to self-management projects also. International cooperation is in what we are involved now.

India has been the setting in which we are acting recently, the place where we have acquired more knowledge, friends and experiences that will remain recorded in our memory. This video is dedicated to all my boys and girls who have given me everything I wanted from this adventure: desire to create, empowerment, a different philosophy … and a smile.

This time we are again delighted with the music of Psichotropic Swamp group.

Thanks to the sponsors of this video DIA CASH sección modelismo, Carlos War Lotus, Manu Hudson, Woax Sunglasses.

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