Intervention program in penitentiary centers

We leave you the link where you can check out the project approved by the collaborating associations and the penitentiary institution of Albolote (Granada) where we operate with the creation of a hobby modeling workshop. Using it as an occupational workshop tool where we teach a trade and, on the other hand, we deal with topics such as gender, religion, culture, drug addiction and other philosophical issues with critical music that awakens creativity and criticism in a reflection way, in order to help inners to not repeat those behaviors that have led them to the jail.

This project is being supervised by the PIDES association ( and by the Karama association seated in Casares. Both collaborating associations, together with the penitentiary institution, bet on our project and have disinterestedly collaborated since it was set up on February 4, 2016.

Thank you from AsgratariS and its entire team for helping us to carry out our work as social educators and as individuals.

Pdte. Rubén Molina

“Asgrataris, solidarity model”